MEP Consultancy:


The owner just not the investors of the construction but also users’ authorized representatives during the construction phase. But they mostly owners have no project experience and don’t have their own project management team. And the quality and function will be directly related to the owner's economic interest.


The investors focus on the high-end property projects, such as senior hotel, grade A office buildings, large commercial centers, etc.

Generally, general international project management patterns will be used in the projects, and the investors or owners entrust the consultant team (architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, etc.) to do whole process management, including research, plan, design, bid, construct, handover and do settle accounts.


The owner or investor is only responsible for project funding, macro planning and decision-making, supervision, audit and coordination.


Owner needs to allocate a few of project management staff to grasp the project execution schedule, coordinate the relationship between the various project participants, and promote the effective implementation project.


Owner indirectly participates in the project management, while the professional company is responsible for the professional work, and that greatly reduces the technical risks in the process of project operation, to ensure project successfully completed on schedule.


5.1 Introduction

Mechanical & electrical consultants, as one of the parties, provide the technical of mechanical and electrical system and management services, cooperate with the owner to arrange the project schedule, ensure the project meets the owner's objectives, such as technology, equipment, material and function.

The success of role-playing in the project depends on the owner’s satisfaction, consulting work mainly has the following four characteristics:

(1) Large scope of work

The work is from design phase to completion throughout the whole project cycle. The scope includes design, bidding, construction stage, project management and commissioning.

(2) Long project cycle

The consulting contract is signed between mechanical & electrical consultant, the contract deadline basically is equal to project development cycle.

(3) Suddenness and urgency

"Suddenness" means the owner does not follow the existing schedule arrangements, or suddenly overthrow other work without any preparation in advance. "Urgency" refers to the owner’s work requires to be completed in the short term.

5.2 Scope and Process

Mechanical & electronic consulting, as one of professional consulting companies, participates in the project, and provides a mechanical and electrical technical services at different stages, which includes the following content:


Schematic Design phase


Ø         Since being entrusted, consulting should make contact and communicate owner, architect, domestic design institute and other design consultant, and obtain the design data, while introduce the international advanced design concept to owner.

The consulting should make project advanced, reasonable, flexible, energy saving, and reach the international level.

Ø         Providing design parameters of mechanical and electrical system, according to the architectural design data, the comprehensive upfront investment costs and operating costs.


Ø         Suggest the owner to make specific checks or a feasibility study.

Ø         Assist owner to discuss relevant matters which may affect project with other departments, including municipal matching and other aspects of the facility,.

Ø         Research site information provided by the owner, including outline, technical specifications and procedure manuals of mechanical and electrical. If no have these, consulting should submit technical advices and assist owner to develop the specifications.

Ø         According to architect the overall solution, consulting estimate the capacity of the mechanical and electrical systems and requirements of municipal matching, and discuss the implementation with domestic design institute.

Ø         Research feasible methods of electromechanical system, analyze the cost and technical advantages, and make choice to have a consensus with owner and design consulting.

Ø         Carry out the design data and technical requirements so that the design work can be finished successfully.

Ø         Finish the design documents, including brief introduction of system and requirements of public facilities.

Ø         Send the appropriate personnel to attend regular meeting or project meeting according to the engineering practical needs and owner’s requirements.

Ø         Assist quantity surveyor to determine project cost.


Development design phase


Ø         According to concept design or schematic design approved by owner, consulting provide enough data of mechanical and electrical systems to help the designers to formulate preliminary design report.

Ø         Make all data into the mechanical and electrical system in accordance with requirements of government departments and public company.

Ø         Evaluate and make schedules for electricity, heating and air-conditioning loads, water consumption, and make layout for equipment room, and strike of mechanical and electrical pipeline.

Ø         Improve the efficiency of cost, construction process and durability by researching and implementing the mechanical and electrical system.

Ø         Provide the report of development design, including design specifications and drawings which must meet the requirements of national design file.

Ø         Present at meeting of development design, solve the questions put forward by owner, local government departments and public matching company.


Construction Design phase


Ø         Coordinate with local design institute to deepen the development design into drawings of construction design.

Ø         Review the drawings provided by the local design institutes (no more than twice).

Ø         Review the detailed calculation of the mechanical and electrical provided by local design institutes.


Bidding, Bidding Analysis and Suggestion


Ø         Protocol the number of contract with owner, coordinate with design team to make sure the drawings meet the requirements of architectural design

Ø         Take the local design institute as bidding drawings

Ø         Provide technical specification for mechanical and electrical system

Ø         Coordinate each consultant, and make the bidding drawings and documents of relevant mechanical and electrical.

Ø         Write the technical specifications of mechanical and electrical system as contract.

Ø         The supply contract of mechanical and electrical and general construction contract include:

²       HVAC system

²       Power supply system

²       Water supply and drainage system

²       Fire control system

²       Supply and construction contract of elevator and escalator

²       Supply and construction contract of ELV system

Ø         Assist owner and estimators to establish the terms and format of contract.

Ø         Assist owner and estimators to finish contract of mechanical and electrical.

Ø         Suggest owner to select the appropriate construction company , and assist the owner to pre-review the qualification of each bidding company.

Ø         Assist owner to provide the professional advices for bidding companies.

Ø         Assist owner to develop bidding for electrical and mechanical systems and equipment.

Ø         Review the documents and equipment data supplied by tenderers, and write the evaluation report and proposal of biding documents.

Ø         Participate in the engineering technical meeting before determination, and provide written reply and technical clarification letter to bidding companies.

Send engineers to attend regular meeting engineering meeting.

Construction management


Ø         Review the construction drawings supplied by contractor

Ø         Review and approve the materials supplied by contractor do that the all materials comply with the design intent.

Ø         Answer the question about design and construction from contractor.

Ø         Inspect the site periodically once/month or depends on construction progress,and supervise the contractor's construction schedule and project quality.

Ø         Supply the professional suggestion to owner, review cost from contractors.

Ø         eview the test procedure and schedule supplied by contractor.

Ø        Wit and review the tests supplied by the contractor.


Completion and acceptance

Ø         Attend the acceptance test after installation.

Ø         Supply the acceptance report to owner, and compare performance of transfer and operation and design performance.

Ø         Assist owner to issue the rectification list for mechanical and electrical systems/equipment not conform to the specifications, and supervise the contractors finish the rectification.

Ø         Assist owner to check and supervise construction to handover all documents required by contracts, including completion drawings, operation and maintenance manuals, test certificates, etc.

Ø         Review the completion drawings and operation and maintenance manuals, ensure compliance with requirements of contract and provision.

Ø         Assist owner/quantity surveyors/general consulting to send the completion announcement.